StarDist - Orbis StarDist ASTM D86 distillation analyzer – Innovation in distillation testingASTM D86 distillation

STARDist offers unique features such as Optical Dry Point testingPreScan and fast heater cooling.

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StarDist - Orbis StarDist ASTM D86 distillation analyzer – Innovation in distillation testingASTM D86 distillation

STARDist offers unique features such as Optical Dry Point testingPreScan and fast heater cooling.

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ZX-101SQ - Portable Octane analyzer– delivers lab-accurate results

Zeltex Portable Octane / Cetane analyzer

Fuel analysis on the go, exactly when and where you need.

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ADEM -Automatic Demulsibility tester confirms to ASTM D1401 and ISO 6614.

Fully Automated Demulsibility Apparatus

Fully Automated Demulsibility Tester - ADEM | Radiant Instruments

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Lemis LPGDi LPGDi Ex explosion-proof unit is designed based on the resonant method of density measurements and uses a small sample volume. Portable Density MeterLPG density meter measures the density based on the changes in the frequency of the measured liquid.

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Digitor 22 C - Orto Alresa – Digtor 22 C Oil test Centrifuge was designed for the determination of water and sediment in oil by the centrifuge method.

Oil Test Centrifuge


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FoamDDI - full automation for your Foam Testing!!!Automatic D892 Foam TestFully unattended operation with small footprint. Integrated heating and cooling



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AirSTAR Cold Filter Plugging Point analyzer - Fully automated unit with built in cooling

Cold Filter Plugging Point analyzer

and automatic pipette cleaning option.

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3 in 1 analyzer. Cloud and Pour Point, Cold Filter plugging point in one unit.

Cloud and pour point analyzer

Fully automated unit. 

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FeDDI the new standard in quantifiable iron corrosion detection.

Automatic NACE corrosion rating

NACE Corrosion test rater

Methods : ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, IP 135, ISO 7120, JIS K2510, NACE TM-01-72

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Unique automated Copper Strip Rater eliminates human error and bias from copper corrosion test rating due to visual assessments.

Copper Corrosion test rating
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Fully automated Kinematic Viscometer with 23 place autosampler

Fully Automated Kinematic Viscometer

Unit conforms to ASTM D445 

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DUCOM HFRR is a lubricity tester that measures the wear resistance of diesel fuels and additives.

HFRR Lubricity tester

It complies with ASTM D6079 and ISO 12156 standards and provides accurate and reliable results. DUCOM HFRR can help you optimize your fuel quality and performance.

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Automatic PMCC flash point tester Koehler K71000

Automatic Pensky Martens Flash Point tester

with built in fire extingusher.

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Automatic benchtop Four ball Tester FBT-3

Benchtop four ball tester

with touch screen interface.

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The unique automated and compact standalone Ducom KRL-SST-1 KRL shear stability tester features inline torque measurement for hundreds of hours of testing with precision and dependability.

KRL Shear Stability Tester


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Koehler Automated Air Release Value analyzer conforming ASTM D3427; IP 313 and other related test methods.

Air Release value apparatus

Designed to determine automatically the air release properties of hydrocarbon-based oils following ASTM, IP, and other methods..

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Octane Engine - Koehler K90901 Standard Model Combination Octane Rating Unit is the latest model of octane engines with many

Octane rating unit

easy-to-use features including automatic functions

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Hiranuma COM A19 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator brings you the flexibility you need.Automatic Potentiometric Titrator


From Japan's leading manufacturer Hiranuma 

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COM 300 A- Automatic potentiometric titrator that is reliable and simple to operate yet expandable and upgradeablePotentiometric Titrator

Total solution – the features you asked for at a price you can afford.

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AQV 300-Volumetric Karl Fischer moisture meter

Volumetric Karl Fischer titraton - AQV-300

Affordable, Reliable and Easy-to-use Volumetric Karl Fischer titration unit.

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AQ-300- Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator

Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Meter-AQ-300

State-of-the-art performance- features like a fritless cell option AQ-300 offers the same fast and accurate results you expect.


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EV-2000L - Hiranuma Oil Evaporator for determining moisture by KF titration in difficult sample matrices

Oil Evaporator - EV-2000L


EV-2000L Oil Evaporator utilizes an azeotropic distillation technic.
Keeps the cell always clean!

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EV-2000 - Hiranuma EV-2000 Solids evaporator for titrator is designed for the simple measurement of moisture in solid and powdered samples.

Solids Evaporator for titrator


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S9 Atlantis is the GNR Top Range Laboratory Optical Emission Spectrometer.

Optical Emission Spectrometer

Combines the specific advantages of both photomultiplier tubes and CMOS detector systems.

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S7 - Metal Lab Plus -

Optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis

Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis and other applications in Laboratory.

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S5 Solaris Plus

Metal Analysis

Multi Matrix Optical Emission spectrometer for Metal Analysis

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S1 Minilab 150 - Ultra Compact Spark emission Spectrometer.

Ultra compact Optical emission spectrometer

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Europe 600 is a benchtop diffractometer for XRD qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials.

Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer

Compact and low cost of ownership.

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Residual Stress measurement

Robotic Residual Stress X-Ray Diffractometer- Non-destructive analysis on any dimension’s samples

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Arex D

Arex D Benchtop XRD analyzer

First desktop X-Ray diffractometer designed for determination of Retained Austenite testing in steel.

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Arex L - Confirms to ASTM E 975-03 standard practice for retained austenite measurement.

Retained Austenite Analyzer Arex-L

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APD 2000 PRO - Diffractometer for phase and structural analysis of Powder Samples

phase and structural analysis of powder samples

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Explorer - Explorer is a multipurpose Theta/Theta high resolution diffractometer.

theta theta xrd

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Oxygenates Analyzer - meets and exceeds the ASTM D4815 and ASTM D5580 requirements!!

Oxygenates Analyzer

JAS proprietary polar column reduces the interference of co-eluting olefins to almost zero.

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SimDis -Turnkey solution for simulated distillation up to C120.


Low thermal mass and a heating rate up to 720 °C/min

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Natural Gas Analyzer - Turnkey Solution for Natural Gas Analysis

Natural Gas Analyzer

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Refinery Gas Analyzer -  JAS Mach-RGA analyzer distinguishes itself from competitors as a prime turn-key system for fast refinery gas analysis.

Refinery Gas Analyzer

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Horizon- Ultra trace Benchtop TXRF Spectrometer

XRF Analyzer


Simultaneous multi-element analysis from Na to Pu

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TX - 2000 - State-of-the-art TXRF Spectrometer

TXRF Spectrometer

No matrix effects and  matrix-dependent calibration curves

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Atomic Emission Detector - Detect virtually all elements within any volatized compound

Atomic emission detector

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Cryotrap- GC Accessories

Powerful and high-quality trap combines the latest advances in CryoTrap technology like low thermal mass, efficient insulation and maximum heating power

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EzPrep - For gas chromatography is a totally Integrated Preparative Fraction Collector for Sample Collection and Purification


Fraction Collector

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Olfactometer - sniff detector for gas chromatography.


Allows the operator to use his nose to identify single odors as they elute from the analytical column.

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Gas Bag Sampler -  for GC allows automated sampling of gases, stored in tedlar bags or gas sampling balloons as well as gas cylinders.

Gas sampling System

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Gas Injection Unit (GICU) -

Gas Injection Unit

Designed to overcome challenges where one GC system is required to handle samples coming from different sample containers and where the sample characteristics may vary from injection to injection.

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UNIS 500 - Universal Injection System to extend Sample Introduction Range in GC

GC Inlets - Universal Injection System

Universal Injection System for isothermal vaporization of thermally stable components in a hot injector

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UNIS 2100 PTV  - inlet with a wide variety of potential uses.

GC Sample Injection

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UNIS 3100 HT PTV - Perfect choice for High Temperature GC Analysis.

High Temperature GC analysis

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UNIS HT SimDis  -  optimum Sample Inlet for SimDis applications

Sample inlet for SimDis

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ProSpector - Non-destructive handheld EDXRF elemental analysis.

Handheld EDXRF

Solution for quantification on the field of nearly any element (from Magnesium to Uranium).

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Affordable Benchtop EDXRF analyzer for Elemental Analyzers specifically designed for routine quality control applications.

EDXRF analyzer Rigaku NEX QC+

Analyze sodium to uranium non-destructively. Embedded computer with USB and Ethernet ports and with built-in thermal printer.

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UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer- Eraly Helios S ASTM D5453 Total Sulfur Analyzer to detect Sulfur content of Petroleum products

ASTM D5453 Sulfur Analyzer

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Chemiluminescence Total Nitrogen Analyzer - Eraly Helios N Total Nitrogen Analyzer to detect Nitrogen content of Petroleum products conforms to ASTM and related standards.

Total Nitrogen Analyzer

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Chemiluminescence and UV Fluorescence Total Sulfur and Nitrogen Analyzer - Eraly Helios SN Total Sulfur and Nitrogen Analyzer to detect Sulfur and Nitrogen content of Petroleum products conforms to ASTM and related standards.

Total Sulfur and Nitrogen analyzer
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HFRR Upper and  lower Specimens - meets and exceeds the ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688 and IP450 requirements!!

HFRR Specimens

Supplied with a certificate of conformity in pk of 100 

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Manual Glass Viscometer - Glass capillary viscometers delivered with UKAS calibration certificate.

Cannon Fenske Opaque Viscometer

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Aluminium Weighing Dish - 80ml disposable aluminum weighing dish with round tab

Aluminium weighing dish

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Viscometer Bench Stand – Accommodates up to 6 viscometers.

Viscometer Bench Stand

  • Stainless Steel
  • Drip tray