Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator- Hiranuma AQ-300

Karl Fischer Moisture Meter AQ-300

Looking for a reliable, Compact, Simple and easy-to-operate Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture Titrator on a tight budget?

Then look no further than the Hiranuma  Aquacounter coulometric Karl Fischer meter AQ-300.

With state-of-the-art performance features, like a fritless cell option, the Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture titrator AQ-300 offers the same fast and accurate results you’ve come to expect from other AQUACOUNTER products.

  • Six (6) built-in calculation modes accommodate various states of samples
  • Four (4) files of preset conditions can be stored in memory
  • Free software for downloading titration results to a P.C.; includes the RS-232C cable
  • Training video and data acquisition software“AQUANet” are included
  • Simple structure of electrolytic cell for easy maintenance