Oxygenates Analyzer

JAS  Oxygenates Analyzer

JAS Oxygenates Analyzer is a robust, reliable and sophisticated solution, which not only meets the ASTM D4815 requirements, but even exceeds these requirements!

  • Methods : ASTM D4815, ASTM D5580
  • Determination of oxygenated compounds including MTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, and C1-C4 alcohols
  • JAS Oxygenates Analyzer eliminates most of the interference from non-oxygenate hydrocarbons
  • JAS Oxygenates analyzer includes JAS UNIS split-/splitless inlet, 10-port rotary valve, pre– and analytical column and FID
  • JAS proprietary polar column reduces the interference of co-eluting olefins to almost zero.