Total Chlorine Analyzer


Methods : ASTM D4929, ASTM D5808,ASTM D6721, ASTM D5194,UOP 779, UOP 910, EN14077, ISO 9562, ISO 11480

  • Advanced Halides Analyzer: The HELIOS CL is a high-performance Total Chlorine (Halides) analyzer for various sample types, including liquid, solid, and gas matrices.
  • Electrolytic Titration Principle: Uses a precise titration method where silver ions generated in the titration cell react with chlorine, allowing the concentration of chlorine computed from the current required for the titration
  • The device automatically manages a drying and flushing system, eliminating the need to handle an H2SO4 absorber.
  • Versatile Sample Handling: Capable of analyzing a wide range of materials such as oils, water, plastics, biofuels, soils, and more, making it ideal for diverse industrial applications.
  • Automatic Calibration: Features an absolute titration method with auto-calibration capabilities, reducing the need for frequent manual calibrations.
  • Efficient Pyro-Combustion Furnace: Utilizes a robust furnace design with precise temperature control, ensuring high combustion efficiency and accurate measurements.
  • User-Friendly Software: Equipped with HELIO-SOFT, intuitive software that supports result export to various formats and includes calibration stability verification and spare parts tracking.
  • Flexible Injection Options: Offers multiple injection systems such as single-shot auto-injectors, mini-autosamplers with 6 test positions, and full autosamplers with up to 50 positions, suitable for different sample types.
  • Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective: Designed for minimal electrolyte replacement, low energy consumption, and a long-lasting furnace guaranteed for up to 5 years, ensuring operational efficiency and cost savings​.

Total Chlorine Analyzer – HELIOS CL

The Eraly HELIOS CL Total Chlorine Analyzer excels in measuring Total Chlorine(Halides) from trace levels (<0.5 ppm) to high concentrations (>80%) in various sample matrices including liquids, solids and gases.

This advanced analyzer is utilized in refineries, environmental monitoring, industrial applications, and research laboratories.

HELIOS CL is also effective for analyzing chlorine in chlorinated PVC-C. Additionally, it comes with accessories for EOX and POX measurements and includes comprehensive equipment for AOX dosing through agitation and absorption.

Two configurations are available :

  • For only liquid (including viscous) and gas samples.
  • For the measure of Total Chlorine in AOX, EOX, and POX, including all sample matrices.


Total Chlorine in liquid, gas and LPG samples

HELIOS CL Total Chlorine analyzer with an advanced single shot auto-injector or the Mini-Autosampler with 6 test positions and the autosampler with 50 positions made measuring total chlorine in liquid easier.

The Autosampler (G-PSR) handles the injection process for gas and LPG samples.

These automated systems allow seamless sample injection into the Pyro-Combustion furnace for accurate measurements.

Total Chlorine in Solid and AOX, POX and EOX samples:

Samples were directly introduced to the Pyro-combustion furnace with a boat or cup.

Samples must be pre-teated with the batch or column method for AOX.

If the sample is inert to the electrolyte, direct measurement can be performed by injecting the sample directly into the titration cell, bypassing the need for the combustion system.

For halides in liquids or emulsions, direct measurement is possible. Similarly, suspensions and solids can be treated if the halides to be measured are extractable.

Advantages of HELIOS CL:

  • Absolute Titration Method: Utilizes an absolute titration method with auto-calibration, eliminating manual calibration. A manual calibration option is available.
  • Automated System: Replaces the H2SO4 absorber with an automatically managed drying/flushing system. There is no manual handling of acids required.
  • Wide Measurement Range: Capable of measuring very small (0.1 nano Faraday) to very large (100 nano Faraday) current.
  • Flexible Calibration: Software supports various calibration methods and ranges, which can be saved for future use.

High Performance and Flexibility

The HELIOS CL Total Chlorine analyzer offers unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. It features two titration cells that can be used simultaneously, reducing the need for frequent electrolyte replacement and saving time and chemicals. This design minimizes pollution and enhances sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Medium Volume Cell: For samples ranging from <1 ppm to 3000 ppm.
  • Large Volume Cell: For samples from 1000 ppm to 80% (without dilution).

HELIOS CL provides three types of electrolytes:

  • Very Low Concentration: For traces (<1 ppm).
  • Low Concentration: For samples 1 ppm to 3000 ppm.
  • High Concentration: For samples 1000 ppm to 80% (without dilution)

The Specifications of HELIOS CL Total Chlorine Analyzer

Principle Chlorine: Coulometry
Detection Limit Chlorine: 50 ppb to more than 80%
Quantification Chlorine: <0.1 ppm to more than 80%
Supply Gas:
Oxygen: 99,998% – 3 bar
Argon : 99,995 % – 3 bar
Injections :
20 to 80 µl liquids | 10 ml gas | 
20µL LPG
Temperature :
Furnace F2 up to 1100°C
Furnace F1 programmable 25 to 980°C
110 V / 230 V 60Hz – 50 Hz 800 W


HELIOS CL Total Chlorine Analyzer provides precise measurement solutions across a diverse range of materials and products.

Explore the applications of our total chlorine measurement and AOX, POX, and EOX measurement in petroleum products:

  • Total Chlorine Measurement in:
    • Petroleum Products
    • Minerals
    • Used Solvents
    • Fuels
    • Waters
    • Cement
    • Waste
    • Coals
    • Plastics
    • Oils
    • Chlorinated PVC
    • Cokes
    • Tar Sediments
    • Plants
    • AOX, POX and EOX Measurement

User Friendly Software – Helio-Soft

  • Main Window: Shows the status of gases, furnace, injector, baseline, elements, and signals.HELIOS Software 
  • Parameters Window: Customizable for different sample types (liquid, gas, solid).
  • AutoSampler: Di
  • splays occupied and free positions, allows sample insertion, data modification, and priority changes.
  • Calibration Modes: Supports both multipoint and monopoint calibration.
  • Result File: Select results for sulfur, nitrogen, or both; personalize headers; and manage operator access levels.HELIOS Results
  • Export Options: Results can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, or TXT, compatible with LIMS.
  • Convert/Re-Calculate: Switch between mg/kg and mg/l, and re-calculate results based on density.
  • Control Card Follow-Up: Inject samples for calibration stability checks.
  • Maintenance an d Spare Parts: Reminders for replacing parts and planning preventive maintenance.


  • Mini AutoSampler/AutoInjector: Available in single or six positions, for liquids such as methanol, petrol ether, ethanol, toluene, naphtha, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, bioethanol, lubricant oil, waxes, and organic solvents.Eraly Elemental Anlayzer Mini Auto Sampler
  • Gas and LPG Sampler: Compatible with ASTM D6667, with two sampling loops for gas and LPG. Suitable for butane, propane, methane, natural gas, and hydrocarbon mixtures.Gas and LPG autosampler for Elemental analyzers 
  • AutoSampler – 50 Positions: Includes cooling/heating options, adjustable sampling volume (10 µl to 80 µl), and speed. Suitable for a wide range of liquids.Early Liquid Autosampler