JAS Double Chamber CryoTrap 

JAS double chamber CryoTrap is a powerful and high-quality trap that combines the latest advances in CryoTrap technology like low thermal mass, efficient insulation and maximum heating power to efficiently trap volatile compounds in the front part of a capillary column.

Flexible: To meet analytical needs JAS CryoTrap can be installed at various positions (two locations inside the GC oven and one location outside).

3 cooling options:  liquid CO2, liquid N2 and pressurized air

Efficient: By means of a double chamber design the JAS CryoTrap features effective insulation reducing the coolant consumption to a minimum.

Easy to Use: Dedicated and optimized alignment of tuning parameters provides excellent performance at any oven temperature

Economical: JAS CryoTrap is controlled either by Agilent ChemStation software or by GC keyboard. The use of the Trap is easy and can be embedded into every GC method.

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