Hiranuma developed Japans first domestically produced automatic titrator in 1965.
Since then, it has been loved as “Titration Hiranuma” and boasts the top share in the field of titration equipment locally.

In addition, Hiranuma started focussing on other analytical instruments such as moisture analyzers, Mercury analyzers, organic carbon measurement devices to support customers in their analytical endeavours.

In 2021, the company name changed to “HIRANUMA Co., Ltd.”, reflecting the motive to extend support to the world.


Hiranuma  Automatic Potentiometric  Titrator COM A-19 brings you the flexibility you need.

The user-friendly Automatic titrator COM-A19 Series titrators can be used for a wide range of applications.

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator COM-300A

Hiranuma COM-300A potentiometric titrator offers the total solution – the features you asked for at a price you can afford.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator AQ-300


Looking for a reliable, Compact, Simple and easy-to-operate Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture Titrator on a tight budget?

Then look no further than the Hiranuma  Aquacounter coulometric Karl Fischer meter AQ-300.

Volumetric Karl Fischer moisture meter AQV-300 

Affordable, Reliable and Easy-to-use  Volumetric Karl Fischer titration unit.

Space-saving design for Karl Fischer volumetric titrator for moisture determination

Oil Evaporator EV- 2000L


Hiranuma Oil Evaporator for determining moisture by KF titration in difficult sample matrices

EV-2000L Oil Evaporator utilizes an azeotropic distillation technic.

Solids Evaporator for Titration EV-2000

Hiranuma EV-2000 Solids evaporator for titrator is designed for the simple measurement of moisture in solid and powdered samples.