Atomic Emission Detector

Atomic Emission Detector for GC AED III

JAS AED III is the only commercially available Atomic Emission Detector for gas chromatography. A single JAS AED can be used instead of several element-specific systems for routine analyses.

The AED allows you to detect a great number of specific elements within any volatile compound (except helium, the carrier gas) at picogram level sensitivity. Sophisticated Multielement Detection moves from the Research to the Routine Laboratory

  • Matrix independent
  • FIVE times more sensitive than GC-FID for Carbon
  • FIVE times more sensitive with higher linearity than GC-FPD for Sulfur
  • More sensitive than GC-MS in SCAN mode
  • More selective than GC-NPD and GC-ECD in complex sample matrices.
  • Much versatile than GC-SCD.
  • Sensitive Universal and Selective Element Detection for Routine and Research Analyses
  • Snapshot Capabilities
  • Selectively detect compounds containing any of over 20 pre-set elements, including organo-metallic species and compounds labelled with stable isotopes.
  • Automatically profile a sample by sequencing detection of any number of elements in the sample.
  • Calibrate with any readily available compound containing the element
  • Analyse higher-boiling compounds with operation up to 450°C.
  • Conduct trace-level analyses
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