Total Sulfur Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzer

Total Sulfur Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzer HELIOS SN&CL

Methods :

  • ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, ASTM D7551, UOP 987, IP490, SH/T 0689, ISO 20 846
  • ASTM D4629, ASTM D6069, ASTM D5762, ASTM D7184,UOP 981, UOP 971, SH/T 0657, ISO 11905
  • ASTM D4929, ASTM D5808, ASTM D6721, ASTM D5194,UOP 779, UOP 910, ISO 9562, ISO 11480
  • HELIOS Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzer offers unparalleled long-term stability and maintains accurate calibration for several months without deviation.
  • Durable Furnace with a 5-Year Warranty.
  • The design facilitates the quick replacement of thermocouples and combustion tubes.
  • Ultra-low power consumption with temperature accuracy better than ±1°C.
  • No inert gases or oxygen are needed during heating, resulting in significant gas savings.
  • The Chlorine analyzer uses an absolute titration method, eliminating the need for frequent calibration.
  • The highly sensitive Sulfur detector is delivering up to 20% greater accuracy.
  • The Nitrogen detector features an on/off function for measuring compensation of chamber pressure, sample pressure, and internal temperature, ensuring consistency with calibration values.
  • The analyzer includes an animated 7″ touchscreen synoptic display for intuitive operation and monitoring.
  • Built-in Service assistance
  • The analyzer equipped with two titration cells allows for simultaneous placement and operation to enhance efficiency in sample analysis.
  • The HELIOS SN&CL analyzer employs the absolute titration method.
  • Device-managed automatic drying/flushing system replaces the H2SO4 absorber.

Eraly developed a state-of-the-art Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzer that simultaneously measures all three elements in a single sample using advanced 2M detectors, ensuring no compromise in characteristics or performance.

HELIOS SN&CL is a combination of HELIOS S&N and HELIOS CL.

HELIOS SN&CL features two separate combustion tubes. One for Sulfur and Nitrogen analysis and another for Chlorine analysis. This Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analyzer ensures exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness by preventing sample contamination.

This configuration eliminates the need for time-consuming rinsing and cleaning of the combustion system, making daily analysis easier and simpler. The HEILOS SN&CL analyzer is an all-in-one solution for simultaneously measuring Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Chlorine in a single device.

The analyzer utilizes the absolute titration method similar to volumetry. With its auto-calibration feature, regular calibration is not necessary. Yet manual calibration remains an option for those who prefer it.

HELIOS SN&CL replaced the H2SO4 absorber with an automatic drying/flushing system, eliminating the need for handling acid. It can measure small currents ranging from up to 0.1 nano Faraday to large currents up to 100 nano Faraday.

Precision, consistency and dependability are the keys. Helios SN&CL features a single analyzer with two titration cells, enabling simultaneous placement for enhanced efficiency.

Offer a medium-volume cell for samples ranging from less than 1 ppm to 3000 ppm, and a large-volume cell for samples from 1000 ppm up to 80% without dilution.

HELIOS offer electrolytes that cater to various concentration ranges:

  • Electrolyte for deficient concentrations, suitable for traces and samples less than 1 ppm.
  • Electrolyte for low concentrations, ideal for samples ranging from 1 ppm to 300 ppm.
  • Electrolyte for high concentrations, designed for samples from 1000 ppm up to 80% without dilution.

HELIOS SN&CL integrates advanced features to optimize performance and user experience. It includes a protective cover to prevent light interference and a semi-pressurized cell for accuracy. The auto-flushing system simplifies maintenance and the septum enables direct injection. Moreover, the titration cell is designed for easy filling and emptying, enhancing laboratory efficiency.

The combustion efficiency directly influences measurement accuracy. Precise control of injection and oxidation temperatures ensures combustion without soot which is crucial for reliable measurement results.

Pyro-Combustion System: Eraly furnaces are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. The robust furnace design ensures minimal energy consumption and high-temperature accuracy, guaranteed for 5 years. It is engineered to easily replace the thermocouple and combustion tube, enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Maintenance Alerts: The maintenance schedule includes reminders for replacing parts and planning preventive maintenance, helping users keep their analyzers in optimal condition and minimizing downtime.

Automated Calibration Stability Checks: HELIOS analyzers provide automated calibration stability checks, which help maintain measurement accuracy over time with minimal manual intervention.

The Helio-Soft software includes features that alert users when spare parts and consumables need replacement, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing the risk of unexpected failures.

These features collectively make HELIOS analyzers more maintenance-friendly and cost-effective providing users with reliable performance and reduced operational disruptions.

The HELIOS SN&CL combines the features of HELIOS S&N and HELIOS CL analyzers.

Principle Sulfur: UV Fluorescence 
Principle Nitrogen: Chemiluminescence
Principle Chlorine: Coulometry
Detection Limit Sulfur: 5 ppb S to 10%
Detection Limit Nitrogen: 5 ppb N to 10%
Detection Limit Chlorine: 50 ppb to more than 80%
Quantification Sulfur: 10 ppb S to 10%
Quantification Nitrogen: 10 ppb N to 10%
Quantification Chlorine: <0.1 ppm to more than 80%
Accuracy Sulfur/ RSD S:
At 0,1 ppm: 0.48 %
At 1 ppm: 0.32 %
At 100 ppm: 0.84 %
Accuracy Nitrogen / RSD N:
At 0.1 ppm: 0.51 %
At 1 ppm: 0.40 %
At 100 ppm: 0.88 %
Supply Gas:
Oxygen: 99.998% – 3 bar
Argon : 99.995 % – 3 bar
Injections :
20 to 80 µl liquids | 10 ml gas | 
20µL LPG
Temperature :
Furnace up to 1100°C

Dimensions and Weight: 108 cm x 65 cm x 56 cm,48 kg

110 V / 230 V 60Hz – 50 Hz 800 W

Applications of HELIOS SN&CL

Sulfur and Nitrogen Analysis:

  • Ideal for refineries, research bodies, and control laboratories.
  • Fast measurement of sulphur and nitrogen in liquids, oils, biofuels, hydrocarbons, solvents, lubricants, water, gas, LPG, and solids.

Chlorine Analysis (AOX):

  • For refineries, environmental monitoring services, industries, and quality control labs to measure total chlorine in a variety of samples including liquids, oils, biofuels, lubricants, solvents, water, plastics, sediments, chlorinated PVC, paper pulp, coal, tar, cement, soils, palm oil, gas, LPG, and solids.

User Friendly Software – Helio-Soft

  • Main Window: Shows the status of gases, furnace, injector, baseline, elements, and signals.HELIOS Software 
  • Parameters Window: Customizable for different sample types (liquid, gas, solid).
  • AutoSampler: Di
  • splays occupied and free positions, allows sample insertion, data modification, and priority changes.
  • Calibration Modes: Supports both multipoint and monopoint calibration.
  • Result File: Select results for sulfur, nitrogen, or both; personalize headers; and manage operator access levels.HELIOS Results
  • Export Options: Results can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, or TXT, compatible with LIMS.
  • Convert/Re-Calculate: Switch between mg/kg and mg/l, and re-calculate results based on density.
  • Control Card Follow-Up: Inject samples for calibration stability checks.
  • Maintenance an d Spare Parts: Reminders for replacing parts and planning preventive maintenance.


  • Mini AutoSampler/AutoInjector: Available in single or six positions, for liquids such as methanol, petrol ether, ethanol, toluene, naphtha, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, bioethanol, lubricant oil, waxes, and organic solvents.Eraly Elemental Anlayzer Mini Auto Sampler
  • Gas and LPG Sampler: Compatible with ASTM D6667, with two sampling loops for gas and LPG. Suitable for butane, propane, methane, natural gas, and hydrocarbon mixtures.Gas and LPG autosampler for Elemental analyzers 
  • AutoSampler – 50 Positions: Includes cooling/heating options, adjustable sampling volume (10 µl to 80 µl), and speed. Suitable for a wide range of liquids.Early Liquid Autosampler