Refinery Gas Analyzer - JAS Mach RGA

Fast Refinery Gas Analyzer Mach RGA

JAS Refinery Gas Analyzer (Mach-RGA) is a dedicated GC designed to analyze gases in a fast, accurate and repeatable way.

JAS Mach-RGA distinguishes itself from competitors as a prime turn-key system for fast refinery gas analysis.

JAS guarantees your application!

  • Methods : ASTM D 1946, D 2163, D 2597, UOP 539, DIN 51666
  • Mach-RGA is ideal for the fast and complete analysis of the refinery gas
  • Analysis time – 5 minutes (or 7 minutes with H2S)
  • Simultaneous three-channel measurement
  • Determine the concentration of individual saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon components from C 1 to C6+
  • Uses de-activated tubing to avoid adsorption of (Sulfur) compounds
  • With minor modifications, the analyzer can be used for the analysis of propane, propylene and butanes in gas or compressed liquid phase.
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