Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Total Nitrogen Analyzer Helios N

Methods: ASTM D 4629, ASTM D 7184, ASTM D 5176, ASTM D 5762, NF M-07-058

The Eraly Helios N is a cutting-edge total nitrogen analyzer designed in collaboration with TOTAL Research Center. 

  • High Sensitive Detector
  • Chemiluminescence Nitrogen Analyzer
  • Vertical or horizontal furnace configuration.
  • Detection Limit: 20 ppb to 10% nitrogen.
  • Quantification Range: 30 ppb to 10% nitrogen.
  • The compact design saves valuable bench space.
  • HELIOS N is the most stable Total Nitrogen Analyzer with long-term stability and stable calibration for months.
  • New Generation E DETECTOR  with Ultra-Wide Detection Range
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  •  7-inch Animated synoptic Touch screen
  • Integrated Diagnostics with Real-Time Alerts
  • Comprehensive Service Information for each potential issue
  • Furnace with 5 years warranty.

Eraly Helios N: Total Nitrogen Analyzer

The Eraly Helios N is a cutting-edge total nitrogen analyzer designed in collaboration with TOTAL Research Center. The involvement of end users in the design ensures Helios N Total Nitrogen Analyzers high performance, durability, and user-friendliness and offers unrivalled advantages in ergonomics, reliability, and robustness. The Helios N Total Nitrogen Analyzer provides rapid and accurate measurements of total nitrogen content while analyzing petroleum products, oils, solvents, plastics, synthetic materials, LPG, water, or gases.

Principle of Operation: Chemiluminescence detection based on the reaction of nitrogen oxide (NO) with ozone (O3). The emitted photons are measured by a photomultiplier tube.

The Eraly HELIOS N with innovative features ensures exceptional accuracy and reliable Total Nitrogen Analysis. 

  • Automatic Background Compensation: Eliminate errors caused by fluctuations in chamber pressure, sample pressure, and internal temperature. The HELIOS N Total Nitrogen Analyzer continuously measures these parameters and automatically adjusts based on calibration values resulting in highest level of accuracy in nitrogen measurements.
  • Advanced PM Module: The HELIOS N utilizes a cutting-edge Photomultiplier (PM) module designed for superior sensitivity and signal stability for consistent results, even for samples with low nitrogen content.
  • Ultra-Wide Detection Range: The HELIOS N Total Nitrogen analyzer is quite versatile and capable of detecting nitrogen content across a vast spectrum. It can accurately measure extremely low levels, as low as 10 ppb and high concentrations of up to 10% nitrogen content. This makes Helios N suitable for a diverse range of applications, eliminating the need for multiple instruments.


The user-friendly software allows the export of results to different formats like LIMS, Excel, PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and TXT.

The HELIO-SOFT software allows calibrating with single or more certified samples in solid, liquid, gas or LPG matrix. Irrespective of the calibration matrix employed, it is feasible to convert the coefficient for measuring Nitrogen across diverse matrices.

The Eraly HELIOS N Nitrogen Analyzer goes beyond exceptional analysis and prioritizes preventative maintenance to ensure the instrument operates at peak performance.

Total sulfur analyzer Alarm Functions

    • Total Sulfur Analyzer AlarmIntegrated Diagnostics: The HELIOS N has a built-in diagnostic system that actively monitors its internal functions. This system detects early signs of potential issues and alerts predictive maintenance before problems arise.
    • Real-Time Alerts: The instrument displays clear and informative alerts directly on the screen, 
    • Comprehensive Service Information: pinpointing with pictures of the specific component or area requiring attention. 
    • Remote Assistance: Eraly’s online support allows for remote monitoring of the HELIOS N. 

 For each potential issue, the HELIOS N provides a table displaying the minimum and maximum acceptable values 
alongside the real-time readings. This will assist in making informed decisions about maintenance needs.

Autosampler Options

  • Liquid Automatic Sampler up to 50 positions
  • An automatic sampler for Gas and/or LPG, with 2 injection loops
  • Five to seven positions mini automatic injector for liquid samples
  • Auto boat support for solids samples. 

Mini AutoSampler / Auto-injectorEraly Elemental Anlayzer Mini Auto Sampler

  • Single or 6 positions with waste reservoir and rinsing bottle. 
  • Used for sampling and injecting liquid samples like methanol, petrol ether, ethanol, toluene, naphtha, additives, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, bioethanol, lubricant oil, waxes, and organic solvents.

AutoSampler – 50 Positions

Early Liquid Autosampler

  • 50-position autosampler with cooling and/or heating options.
  • For sampling and injecting liquids samples like methanol, petrol ether, ethanol, toluene, naphtha, additives, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, bio-oil, lubricant oil, waxes, and organic solvents.
  • The sampling volume is adjustable from 10 μl to 80 μl with adjustable sampling speed.

Specifications of Eraly Helios N Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Methods : ASTM D4629, ASTM D6069, ASTM D5762, ASTM D7184, UOP 981, UOP 971,  SH/T 0657, ISO 11905 
Principle:  Chemiluminescence
Detection Limit: 5 ppb to 10%
Quantification: 10 ppb to 10%
Accuracy / RSD:
At 0.1 ppm: 0.51 %
At 1 ppm: 0.40 %
At 100 ppm: 0.88 %
Injections :
20 to 80 µl liquids | 10 ml gas | 
20µL LPG
For solid samples, with 0.5 to 100 mg boats
Supply Gas:
Oxygen: 99.998% – 3 bar
Argon : 99.995 % – 3 bar
110 V / 230 V
60Hz – 50 Hz
800 W
Temperature :
Furnace F2 up to 1100°C
Furnace F1 programmable 25 to 980°C
51 cm x 78 cm x 56 cm/weight 32 kg

Eraly HELIOS N Total Nitrogen Analyzer caters to various applications and industries due to its versatility and exceptional performance.  

Helios N using the Chemiluminescence principle detects Nitrogen in liquid, oil, biofuel, lubricating oil, solvent, water, gas, LPG and solid samples.

Total Nitrogen Analyzer

    • Petroleum Industry: Measure nitrogen content in crude oil and refined products with high accuracy ensuring adherence to industry regulations.
    • Monitor nitrogen levels in catalysts to optimize performance and extend catalyst lifecycle.
    • Environmental Analysis: Analyze nitrogen content in soil, sediment, and water samples to assess environmental health and monitor pollution levels.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes.
    • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Quantify nitrogen content in raw materials, intermediates, and final products for quality control purposes.
    • Support research and development activities in these sectors.
    • Food and Agriculture: Determine nitrogen levels in grains, cereals, and other food products to ensure nutritional value and adherence to food safety regulations.
    • Analyze soil samples to optimize fertilizer application and improve crop yields.
    • Academic research laboratories
    • Contract testing organizations
    • Quality control departments