Orbis AirSTAR Cold Filter Plugging Point tester

Automatic CFPP analyzer AirSTAR

Methods: EN 116, IP 309, ASTM D6371, JIS K2288, EN 16329 (linear cooling method)

Orbis AirSTAR Cold filter plugging point tester with built-in cooling and all aspects and parts required for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing are housed inside the CFPP Head.

  • Vacuum system measures and controls the (negative) pressure in real-time
  • Ability to store the actual-used vacuum per each aspiration.
  • Laser lights ensure accurate detection of the sample
  • The pipette lock ensures that the pipette sits securely within the detection zone.
  • The smart self-adjusting algorithm deal with condensation in the bottom.
  • Easy to install PT-100 thermometer with built-in memory to hold unique ID and calibration data.
  • Low chance of pipette breakage.
  • Easy cleaning of the pipette using Cleaning-Docking station.
  • The CFPP Head is powered via induction when placed in the ColdBlock or the Cleaning-Docking Station.
  • Cold block and cleaning station detects the head used automatically.