Custom GC Applications and Solutions

JAS Custom GC Applications and Solutions

JAS specializes in innovative systems and customized solutions for a wide range of GC applications in any field of analytics. Currently manufacture a broad range of GC and LC based products as well as lab automation and process equipment.

GC and HPLC instruments of Agilent Technologies are the platform for fully integrated solutions that are configured according to customers’ analytical requirements.

Valve Systems ● Special Designs ● Multi-Vendor Systems

  • 16 sample loops
  • 7 Columns in one GC oven
  • Liquid and gas sample introduction
  • Element specific detection
  • Fraction collector for GC
JAS Custom GC Application

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Custom GC Solutions

Turn key solutions for your testing requirements

Key Solutions

Refinery Gas Analyzer * Natural Gas Analyzer * Oxygenates Analyzer * SimDis
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Atomic Emission Detector

Atomic Emission Detector

Only commercially available atomic emission detector (AED)


GC-AED system can replace multiple dedicated GC systems that use element-specific detectors
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GC Accessories

GC Specials

Preparative Fraction collector | CryoTrap | Olfactometer


Fraction collector | CryoTrap | Olfactometer
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