JAS SimDis - Simulated Distillation

JAS Simulated Distillation SimDis

JAS SimDis offers a turnkey solution for simulated distillation up to C120.

Key components of the JAS SimDis Analyzer are the JAS UNIS HT SimDis inlet(With its unique temperature programmable heating cartridge, its low thermal mass and a heating rate up to 720 °C/min the demanding high-temperature analyses.) and the unique JAS SimDis Software.

Methods : ASTM D2887, D3710, D5399, D6352, D6417, D7096, D7169, D7213 (D2887 Extended), D7398, D7500 and others.

  • Available with Agilent 8890 GCs
  • Dedicated JAS UNIS HT SimDis inlet
    • temperature of 0 °C
    • low thermal mass for fast heating and cooling
  • User-friendly and easy to understand JAS SimDis Software
  • JAS UNIS HT SimDis Inlet
  • SL and PTV mode
  • Low thermal mass
  • Long heating cartridge with heated
  • Column nut to avoid cold spots
  • Patented SimDis liner
  • Distillation up to C120
  • External controller
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