NEX QC Series EDXRF analyzer

Rigaku Benchtop EDXRF Analyzer NEX QC+

Affordable Benchtop EDXRF analyzer for Elemental Analyzers

Methods: ISO 13032, ASTM D4294, ASTM D6481, ASTM D5059, ASTM D8252, JIS K 2541, IP 336, IP 496, ISO 8754, ISO 20847

  • EDXRF analyzer specifically designed for routine quality control applications
  • Analyze sodium to uranium non-destructively
  • Solids, liquids, alloys, powders, and thin films
  • 50 kV X-ray tube
  • Minimized X-ray tube wear and tear by operating only during data collection
  • Peltier-cooled High-resolution Si Drift Detector(SDD) delivers exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution.
  • High Precision and Broad Elemental Coverage
  • icon-driven, modern, user-friendly touchscreen user interface for easy operation
  • Multiple automated tube filters
  • Embedded computer with USB and Ethernet ports
  • Convenient built-in thermal printer
  • Unmatched performance-to-price ratio
  • Autosampler, Helium purge, and fundamental parameters options

Rigaku, the world’s leading manufacturer of analytical X-ray instruments offers the NEX QC series compact, cost-effective solutions for elemental analysis needs. Rigaku NEX QC EDXRF Analyzer is designed for routine quality control applications. Affordable NEX QC series energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis. Non-destructively analyze sodium through uranium in a wide variety of sample types.

EDXRF analyzer NEX QC with autosamplerEDXRF analyzer NEX QC Single Position

EDXRF technology delivers routine elemental measurements across a diverse range of matrices from homogenous liquids of any viscosity to solids metals and alloys coatings and thin films as well as slurries powders and pastes.

A 50 kV X-ray tube and Peltier-cooled solid-state detector deliver exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution. The high voltage capability, along with multiple automated tube filters, provides multi-element analysis capability for unmatched performance and low limits of detection (LOD).

NEX QC Series analyzers are remarkably easy to use.

With the NEX QC series, empirical calibration curves can be linear quadratic or hyperbolic fit in addition to compensate for the presence of other elements. Alpha corrections may be enabled and are automatically calculated. C/H correction is also available to compensate for the light element matrix changes in the oil.

All calibration functions are accessible via intuitive icons and with the touch of a finger. The live spectral display is available during data acquisition.

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface coupled with a powerful embedded computer lowers the cost of ownership because it simplifies operator training and reduces the potential for operator error. 

Routine operation is as simple as selecting the measurement application, loading the sample, entering id and pressing start using the touchscreen display.

Results are displayed upon analysis completion and may be outputted to a built-in thermal printer and stored as a Pdf file or via ethernet to the LIMS system.

THE NEX QC series EDXRF analyzers are available in two variations

  • Low-cost NEX QC 
  • High-resolution NEX QC+  

Both instruments employ a 50 000 volt x-ray tube and electrically cooled semiconductor detector technology to deliver exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution.

The enhanced Nex QC Plus has significant improvements in elemental peak resolution and counting statistics, resulting in superior calibrations and precision for the most challenging measurements. NEX QC Plus spectrometer, employing the next-generation silicon detector technology.

Rigaku NEX QC EDXRF Specifications

50 kV X-ray tube
4 W max power
6 tube fi lter positions
High-performance semiconductor detector
Peltier thermo-electric cooling
Optimum balance of spectral resolution and count rate
Sample Chamber
Large 190 x 165 x 60 mm sample chamber
Single position 32 mm sample aperture
Bulk sample aperture
Analysis in air or helium (optional)
Environmental Conditions
Ambient temperatures 10 – 35°C (50 – 95°F)
Relative humidity <85% non condensing
Vibration undetectable by human
Free from corrosive gas, dust, and particles
User Interface
8” WVGA touchscreen interface
Embedded computer
Internal thermal printer
USB and Ethernet connections
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Normalization and validation feature
Data export function with LIMS compatibility
User selectable shaping times
Simple fl ow bar wizard to create new applications
Icon-driven graphical user interface
Password protection
Single position 40 mm sample aperture
6-position 32 mm automatic sample changer
5-position 40 mm automatic sample changer
Pre-calibrated Sulfur-Paks
Calibration standards
Helium purge
Spectrometer Data
Single phase AC 100/240 V, 1.4 A (50/60 Hz)
331 (W) x 432 (D) x 376 (H) mm
(13 x 17 x 14.8 in)
Weight 16 kg (35 lbs.)


The Rigaku NEX QC Series ED XRF analyzers applications includes

  • Diesel: Sulfur in ULSD  
  • Oxides in Finished Cement  
  • Gold Processing  
  • Analysis of Lubricating Oils  
  • S, V and Ni in Crude Oil  
  • S & Cl in Crude Oil  
  • Arc Furnace Slag  
  • Clay Analysis  
  • Metals in Ni Ore  
  • S, Cl & Ash in Coal  
  • Cl & Ash in Biomass  
  • Si on Paper/Plastic  
  • Lead in Gasoline  
  • Iron Concentrates  
  • Iron in Milk Powder  
  • S, Cl in Activated Carbon  
  • P in Coal  
  • Minerals in Grass  
  • Low Si on Plastic  
  • MgO & P2O5 in Phosphate Rock  
  • Analysis of Complex Lube Oils  
  • QuantEZ – Metals & Alloys (FP)  
  • Cr on Aluminum  
  • Oxides in Limestone  
  • Ti on Aluminum  
  • Dolomite  
  • Zr on Aluminum  
  • QuantEZ – Academia & Teaching  
  • QuantEZ – Elements in Polypropyl  
  • Manganese in Gasoline  
  • QuantEZ – Mud Logging  
  • Phosphorus on Steel  
  • Titanium on Steel  
  • QuantEZ P2O5 & K2O in Fertilizers
  • TiO2 & ZnO in Lotions  
  • Pb in Gasoline by ASTM D5059  
  • Metals in Crude & Residue ASTM D8252  
  • QuantEZ – Pt, Pd, Rh in Recycled Auto Cats  
  • QuantEZ – Cl, Pb & Metals in Refuse Derived Fuel 
  • QuantEZ – Material Indentification.  
  • Cl & S in Waste Oil & Used Oil