R3 RotrOil for Wear Metal Analysis

Rotating Disc Electrode Spectrometer R3 RotrOil

R3 RotrOil  for determination of contaminants and wear metal analysis in used lubricating oils and used hydraulic fluids by rotating disc electrode atomic emission spectroscopy as per ASTM D6595

  • RotrOil is perfectly suited for laboratories with a high volume of samples and the constraint of fast turnaround analysis times, which is undeniably a key factor in preventative maintenance and reducing downtime costs.
  • Autosampler with 48 sample carousel.
  • Fast Analysis
  • No sample preparation.
  • Determine elements from additive metallic-organic phases
  • Direct detection of element emission lines and the high resolution allow to get the maximum sensitivity in the
    detection of wear metals to sub-ppm level.
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