GC Inlets and Adaptors

Universal Injection System (UNIS)

With JAS GC Inlets Extend the range of sample introduction in your GC!

The JAS UNiversal Injection System is an exchangeable all-in-one inlet system for Agilent GCs which allows the user to perform different injection techniques with one GC inlet system:

  • (Pulsed) Split/Splitless Injection (S/SL)
  • (High) Temperature programmable evaporation (PTV, HT PTV)
  • On-Column Injection (CoC)
  • Headspace Injection
  • Injection on (micro) packed columns
  • Large Volume Injection (LVI) / Solvent Vent
  • Gas sample introduction (VOC/P+T, HSS, CTC-HSS)
  • Manual Thermo desorption (TD)

Choose from our UNIS Family the best suitable inlet for your application. The standard S/SL-inlet UNIS 500, the versatile UNIS 2100 PTV inlet or one of the high temperature models UNIS 3100 HT PTV and UNIS HT SimDis – All GC injectors are designed in such a way that they perfectly fit in the 8890, 7890, 6890 and 6850 GC models from Agilent Technologies. The flow and temperature control is done via the Agilent OpenLAB Software or through the keyboard on the GCs. For corrosive samples the UNIS version is available. All UNIS models include an Agilent EPC (Electronic Pressure Control) which guarantees the highest possible reproducibility. JAS offers you the standard EPC with maximum operating pressure up to 100 psi and optional a high-pressure version up to 150 psi.

JAS offers a wide range of application depending liners, which can be used in all UNIS models. The liner exchange and installation of columns is quick and simplewithout any tools.

JAS UNIS Brochure

Major UNIS GC Inlets models are


Headspace Sampler

Several kits are available to replace the UNIS standard septum nut with a dedicated connector for commonly used Headspace Samplers. The picture shows an Agilent 7694 Headspace Sampler connected to UNIS 2100 PTV installed on an Agilent 6890 GC.

Head Space sampler adaptor

TDS Interface

UNIS TDS Interface offers an alternative for the traditional TD systems. The loaded adsorption tube is placed directly to UNIS injector body and then desorbed. In combination with the JAS CryoTrap the system can be integrated in a GC without any problem and saves bench space! The user-friendly leverage handle together with the leak tight UNIS injector head allows a quick exchange of the TDS sampling tube. The conversion of the injector can be done by the user within a short period of time. This way switching between thermo desorption and liquid injection can be done with minimum downtime.

UNIS-TDS Brochure

TDS Interface Adaptor

VOC Interface

The UNIS VOC Interface for volatile organic components consists of a septum less design. External sampling systems like TDS or pyrolysis can easily be connected in a robust and gastight via an integrated 1/16″ connector.

VOC Interface adaptor