Viscometer Cleaning Apparatus

Viscometer Cleaning Apparatus K34000

  • Koehler Viscometer cleaning apparatus designed to clean and dry glass capillary viscometers using solvent and pressurized filtered air.
  • Suitable for all types of capillary and kinematic viscometers.
  • Six-tube capacity allows simultaneous cleaning.
  • Adjustable drainage rack for removing excess sample oil before cleaning.
  • Easy-to-use solvent/air jets with individual valves for each tube.
  • Selector dials for switching between solvent rinsing and air drying.
  • Built-in air filter to remove particles from the air stream.
  • Solvent tank with tubing and fittings available for easy connection.
  • Ensures complete removal of contaminants and residual oils, crucial for precise viscosity testing.
  • Features a robust construction for durability and longevity in laboratory environments.
  • Requires a pressurized air source (up to 150 psi) for optimal operation.
  • Facilitates quick and convenient setup with user-friendly controls and clear operational instructions.
  • Ideal for laboratories and industrial settings requiring frequent viscometer maintenance.
  • Complies with industry standards for safety and performance, ensuring reliable operation over time.