Automatic Gas Sampler for GC

Gas Bag Sampler JAS GBS

The JAS GBS Gas Sampler for GC allows automated sampling of gases, stored in tedlar bags or gas sampling balloons as well as gas cylinders.

  • Can handle bags/balloons of 2-3 bar
  • Flow paths can be purged
  • Includes pump for samples with atmospheric pressure
  • Intuitive JAS Control Software
  • Bags can be selected randomly
  • Display shows current port position
  • Minimum waiting time between runs (sample loops can be purged while run is still in progress)
  • Existing GC methods do not need to be changed
  • In one sequence pressurized samples and samples with atmospheric pressure can be processed
  • For Agilent and third-party GCs (control via start-stop/remote cable)
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