S3 MiniLab 300 – Benchtop OES

Benchtop OES with CMOS Sensor S3 MiniLab 300

S3 MiniLab 300 Benchtop OES is an affordable low maintenance Optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis with advanced optics and electronic components ensuring complete spectral coverage at best resolution and light efficiency.

  • High-resolution CMOS linear image sensor.
  • No Blooming effect
  • Multi Matrix spectrometer for Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Zinc, Led, Tin, Titanium, Cobalt and Magnesium.
  • Detect Nitrogen in steel
  • MiniLab instruments are ones of the smallest and lightest compact optical emission spectrometers available in their class
  • Single Sample Standardization
  • 300mm focal length
  • Spectral Field: 130 to 700 nm – High Luminosity Holographic grating.
  • Stabilized against fluctuations in temperature.
  • Special material for drift-free operation.
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