Automated ASTM D93 Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester

Koehler Automated Flash Point tester K71000

Methods : Conforms to ASTM D93 Procedure A, B and C; IP 34; ISO 2719; DIN EN 22719; JIS K2265; NF M 07-019

  • Flash point detection by thermocouple and ionization ring
  • Electric or Gas ignition: Software-selectable or user-friendly manual Switching
  • Flash point operation range between ambient and 405°C
  • Heating Rate: Per ASTM D93 procedures A, B and C, Quick Test (8°C/min – 10°C/min)
  • Stirring Rate: 0 to 300 ± 5 RPM
  • Three-position lift system of cover/motor assembly, software selectable: Open – Clean – Test
  • Integrated Dual Fan System directly cools test cup and surrounding environment
  • 8.4” LCD Touch Screen Interface allows for easy viewing and navigation
  • Over 65,000 test results test and method storage capacity.
  • Automatic Barometric Pressure Correction
  • Fire Suppression System floods instrument with inert gas in the event of a fire
  • Draft Shield to protect test flame from the external draft source.

Automatic Pensky Martens flash point in Full compliance with global test standards

With K71000 automatic Pensky Martens flash point tester, the flash point determination of petroleum products, biodiesel, solvents, chemicals, and fluxed bitumen is determined precisely, meeting global test standards like ASTM D93, ISO 2719, and IP 34.

The Koehler K71000 fully Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer is a perfect blend of next-generation technology and robust quality. Modern design gives an excellent user experience on a small footprint. The system software runs on an integrated processor PC running the latest Windows operating system. The 8.4” touchscreen interface fully displays all operator parameters and results on a single screen. A three-position motorised lift system for the cover and motor assembly is fully automated and software selectable: Open – Clean – Test for one-touch positioning of the test cup. The instrument comes standard with two flash detector systems including a thermocouple and ionization ring detection. Over 65,000 results of data can be stored on the local hard drive. Integrated Dual Fan System directly cools the test cup and the environment around the test cup. 

Maximum safety

An unlimited number of user programs can be used, including a quick test that safely tests from ambient, puts the flash point result into the EFP of the official run, and prompts the user to refresh the sample, virtually assuring no fires ever occur. 

Flash point tester delivered with Draft Shield to protect test flame from the external draft source.

The flash point tester delivered standard with an inert gas fire suppression system. 

Time Saving Design

5 minutes Cycle Time with a rapid dual-fan cooling system one directly to the cup and the other cool environment around the test cup

Specifications Of Koehler Automatic PMCC flash point tester

Temperature Measuring RangeAmbient to 405°C (761°F)
Flash Detection SystemDifferential Thermocouple, Ionization Detection
Stirring Speed0 to 300 RPM
Heating RateIn accordance to ASTM D93 procedure A, B, C Quick Test (8°C/min – 10°C/min)
Ignition SourceGas and Electric Igniter both equipped on cover assembly – Software Selectable
– User-Friendly Manual Switching
Mechanical LiftThree position mechanical lift system of cover / motor assembly, software selectable: Open – Clean – Test
Cleaning:Cover / Motor assembly lift features convenient cleaning position. At this position the user can easily remove the cover assembly and clean with appropriate solvent between tests.
Ignition Test Frequency:User selectable on per method basis (1°C/interval – 20°C/interval)
Cooling:Integrated Dual Fan System: First (1) directly to cup, Second (2) to cool environment around test cup
Barometric Pressure CorrectionAutomatic Barometric Pressure Transducer for Flash Temperature Correction
Interface PortRS232:1
Ethernet:1 (LIMS)
Gas Supply / Connection:Ignition Gas: LP Gas (Propane / Butane) or Natural Gas.
Min. 3.45kPa (0.5psi). Max. 206.843 kPa (30.0psi)
Display8.4″ LCD Touch Screen
Temperature SensorPT-100 in S/S sheath
User Programmable Methods & Data StorageCapable of storing unlimited data runs and test methods
Temperature Calibration:Three (3) Types available:
– 2 Point Sample Temperature (Standard)
– Multipoint (>2) Temperature Calibration (Available as Option)
– CRM Calibration – Built-In Software function to automatically correct as per CRM tested
SecurityThree level password protection
Key Safety FeaturesCollision / Interference Detection: Analyzer can sense user position around moveable parts and stop its motion
Fire suppression detection: Equipped with second gas line for connection to CO2 or Nitrogen gas. Gas disbursement ring around test cup/cover saturated area with extinguishing gases.
Ambient Temperature Range:10°C to 35°C
Electrical Requirements115/230VAC 50/60Hz User selectable via switch located at the back of the analyzer

Fully automated Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester

Closed Cup Flashpoint determination of biodiesel, distillate fuels, new lubricating oils, residual fuel oils, cutback residua, used lubricating oils, mixtures of petroleum liquids with solids, and petroleum liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing.