FoamDDI – Automated ASTM D892 and D6082 foam test unit

Foam Digital Detection Imaging FoamDDI

At last, full automation for your Foam Testing.

Fully automated ASTM D892 and D6082 foam test units.

Methods: BS 2000 Part 156, ASTM D892, ASTM D6082, FTM 791-3211, IP 146, ISO 6247

  • Fully unattended operation
  • Small footprint with integrated heating and cooling
  • Automatic Detection of proper fill volume
  • Graphing of FOAM and Temperature
  • Ability to measure both Static and Dynamic Bubbles
  • Long-Lasting LED Light Source
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • Integrated Mass Flow Totalizer for exit air
  • Built-in totalizer