TXRF Spectrometer - TX 2000

State-of-the-art TXRF Spectrometer TX 2000

TX 2000 is a high precision  TXRF Spectrometer ( Total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence)

TXRF is a type of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) in which the beam strikes the sample, deposited as a thin layer on a carrier, at a very small incidence angle, in order to exploit enhancement given by the total reflection effect.

  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis from Na to Pu
  • No matrix effects
  • No matrix-dependent calibration curves
  • Improved detection limits (LOD) down to ng/g or lower
  • Minimum amount of sample
  • Microanalysis capabilities
  • Stepper motors with optical encoders ensure extremely precise angular values.
  • Enhanced excitation mode by selection of the most suitable monochromatized energy (W-La/W-Lb/Mo-Ka) provided by the combination of double anode MO/W X-ray tube and W/Si multilayer. Other X-Ray anodes can be monochromatized as well.
  • Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector with an energy resolution better than of 133eV (FWHM@MnKa, 1ms peaking time)