JAS NGA - Natural Gas Analyzer

Turnkey Solution for Natural Gas Analysis JAS NGA

JAS Natural Gas Analyzer – A prime turnkey system for determination of natural gas composition and for calculation of BTU and gas properties.

Methods : GPA 2261; ASTM D 1945; GPA 2186, GPA 2286

  • Turnkey solution — guaranteed application as custom-made solution to analyze one of followings: Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
  • Automatic calculation of gas properties (e.g. BTU, specific gravity) and report generation at the end of an analysis (fully integrated into the Agilent ChemStation)
  • Operational procedures are fully documented – the analyzer not only incorporates proven GC hardware and software, but arrives also with the pre-loaded analysis method(s), documentation, and a calculation model specific to the application
  • Flexibility to analyze natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas liquids (NGL)
  • Rugged and easy to maintain
  • ISO 6974 upon request
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