Dual Bath Kinematic Viscometer

Automated Dual Bath Kinematic Viscometer Viscol-20AS

Methods: ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ISO 3104, ISO 3105, IP 71

  • Kinematic Viscometer with fully automatic operation at two different temperatures
  • 23-place autosamplers for each bath.
  • Autosampler nozzles design is to prevent cross-contamination between samples with special washing and drying features.
  • Temperature ranges from 10°C to 120°C
  • Wide range viscometer tubes (Up to 225 Fold)
  • Viscosity ranges from 0.5 cSt to 25,000 cSt
  • Dual solvent cleaning as a standard.
  • Automatic cleaning with low solvent consumption.
  • Full control from Windows-based touch panel PC
  • Low bath oil and over-temperature safety protection
  • Stand-alone unit with a small footprint

ASTM D445 Viscometer: Revolutionizing Viscosity Measurements with Viscol-20AS

The introduction of the Viscol-20AS, a cost-effective fully automated dual-bath kinematic viscometer, has revolutionized viscosity measurements. This instrument is meticulously designed to comply with the astm d445/astm d446 standards, ensuring accurate kinematic viscosity assessments.

In the realm of fluid dynamics, viscosity is an essential factor, particularly in various industrial applications. The astm d445-compliant Viscol-20AS viscometer stands out as a critical tool for precise kinematic viscosity readings of Newtonian fluids.

Distinguished by its high throughput capability, the Viscol-20AS is a standout dual-bath kinematic viscometer that can perform simultaneous measurements across a broad temperature range, specifically at 40C and 100C. Each bath is fitted with a 23-position autosampler, which significantly improves efficiency when dealing with multiple samples and ensures consistent kinematic viscosity results.

Operational Advantages

The Viscol-20AS is engineered for 24/7 non-stop operation, making it an ideal choice for high-throughput environments and laboratories that demand a steady stream of kinematic viscosity measurements. The autosampler’s innovative design allows for the integration of new samples without interrupting the ongoing tests.

Temperature Control

Recognizing the critical impact of temperature range on viscosity, the Viscol Series Kinematic Viscometers deliver precision temperature control, which is vital for achieving compliance with ASTM d445 standards. 0.001ºC up to 100ºC, these instruments ensure the most accurate viscosity measurements.

User-Friendly Interface

The Viscol-20AS, an Automatic kinematic viscometer, is crafted as a stand-alone unit featuring a 12” wide-screen touch panel PC. This design eliminates the necessity for an external PC, thereby streamlining operations. The software is thoughtfully partitioned into two sections for independent management of each viscometer bath.

Viscosoft Control and Data Evaluation Software

Equipped with Viscosoft software, the Viscol-20AS offers centralized control and precision data evaluation. Users can effortlessly oversee multiple units, incorporate samples into the analysis queue, and generate ready-to-print viscosity reports, all backed by an unlimited results database.

Contactless Detection Technology

A notable innovation is the contactless detection block, ensuring precise measurements without direct contact with samples, which is crucial when converting kinematic viscosity to dynamic viscosity. In this design, the sensors are located outside the viscometer, minimizing the risk of damage from wear metals and other contaminants, a common concern when discussing dynamic viscosity vs kinematic viscosity.

Unique Cleaning Technology

The Viscol-20AS addresses the cleaning challenge with its dual-solvent washing technology, enhancing vial washing procedures. The SPW nozzle washing technology seals the nozzle, preventing solvent or vapor from reaching the samples. This meticulous cleaning process also includes washing and drying the sample nozzle after each use to avoid cross-contamination.

Easy Tube Replacement

Viscol Series viscometers feature wide-range viscometer tubes (170 to 225 Fold), ensuring accurate kinematic viscosity measurements. In the case of tube replacement requirements, it is very simple for users to replace their viscometer tubes without any service requirement. Tubes are connected with plug-in connections to the system. Users disconnect the connections and remove the viscometer tube. After the tube replacement, the connections should be plugged back into the new tube and the unit is ready to go.

Automatic Calibration

While all Viscol Series viscometers undergo factory calibration, users have the flexibility for automatic recalibration through the menu using standards, such as reference material, ensuring ongoing accuracy in viscosity measurements.

The Viscol-20AS dual-bath kinematic viscometer redefines viscosity measurements with its adherence to test methods and kinematic viscosity analysis. Its automated features, precise controls, and user-friendly design, along with affordable pricing, make it a standout choice for industries seeking reliable and efficient viscosity analysis.

Dual Bath Kinematic Viscometer VISCOL-20AS- Technical Specifications 

Measurement range0.5 cSt – 25000 cSt
Viscometer typeUbbelohde
Temperature range10°C to 120 °C
Temperature Precision0.001 °C
Time detection precision0.001 s
Sample volume10-15 mL
Data transferUSB & PC
Weight40 Kg
Dimensions30 x 50 x 80 cm
Power requirement220 VAC – 50 Hz

Viscol-20AS is suitable for the measuring viscosity of Dual Bath Kinematic Viscometer

  • Mineral and base oils
  • Residual and used oils
  • Light and heavy fuels
  • Crude oil
  • Marine fuels
  • Lubricants