Portable Residual Stress Analyzer SpiderX Edge

Portable Residual Stress Analyzer SpiderX

SpiderX – EDGE: Residual Stress + Retained austenite  and smallest theta/theta diffractometer.

Portable Residual Stress Analyzer GNR SpiderX Edge is compliant with ASTM E915, UNI EN 15305 (residual stress standard practices) and ASTM E975 – 13 (retained-austenite standard practice).

It is easy to use, at the same time, it will be able to cover the most demanding requirements. 

  • Manual Z stage for accurate laser-assisted positioning 
  • 90° maximum rotation for horizontal positioning of the goniometer 
  • 90° maximum rotation for instrument inclination 
  • Motorized X-ray tube and X-ray detector with movements independent to each other.
  • Laser for precise alignment of the goniometer 
  • Psi (ψ) / 2-Theta (ϑ) goniometer 
  • Phi (ϕ) rotation 
  • SpiderX – Edge does not require water cooling for the X-ray tube.
  • Non-destructive analysis of any dimensions sample for indoor and outdoor analysis.
  • Battery / UPS 
  • Main unit (power supply, control unit)